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The Last Dope Intellectual

May 6, 2022

Unfortunately, LDI is coming to an end. We thank all our supporters over the past year who have given us love. In this episode, Dr. CBS lays out the origins of the show, why it's time to move on and what's coming next. Starting May 16th there will be a blog for The Last Dope Intellectual Blog at

For our patrons you have not been charged but we encourage you to support our producer Too Black's podcast, The Black Myths Podcast (, as well as Millennials are Killing Capitalism, Erica Caines, Dev Springer, and Danny Haiphong. Also, donate to Donate to Black Alliance for Peace, Black Agenda Report, Hood Communist, Community Movement Builders, and No Name Book Club.

Again, we greatly appreciate the love you all have shown us and wish you all well moving forward!